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How to Prepare Your House for An Upcoming Move

Only a few things in life are more stressful than moving. Whether you’re just transferring apartments a few blocks apart or going to a new home across the country, it is never easy! You have lots of decisions to make, things to consider, and go through many steps to get everything done and ready. All these can take their toll on your mind, body, and budget. But no need to be scared! This blog post will guide you through your upcoming move. Without further ado, here’s how you can prepare effectively.

Get a Moving Notebook

It’s easy to get lost in all the chaos that surrounds a move. So it’s always a good idea to keep track of what needs to be done. For this, get a small notebook where you can write down your moving checklist. Take note of schedules, expenses, budget, and responsibilities for everyone involved. This will help you stay organized during the entire process.

Hire Movers Ahead of Time

Moving is one of those things that’s difficult to pull off alone. You have to take some time off, pack everything yourself, and drive it all the way to your new home—that is why movers exist, and it’s always a smart choice to book them weeks or months ahead. By giving yourself more time, you can gather more options, shop for the best mover in town, or even negotiate for a reasonable moving price.

Get Your Home Ready for Movers

It doesn’t matter who does the packing – whether it’s you or the moving experts, there are still things that can be done before movers arrive at your home. Make sure to prepare a list of your entire inventory, what items you want packed, and which rooms you want to be tackled first. On top of that, it’s a nice gesture to prepare water bottles so everyone can stay active throughout the operation. More importantly, don’t forget to keep your kids and pets away from all the chaos. You can either leave them with your neighbors or let them stay in a room that will be boxed up last.

Declutter Your Belongings

One of the golden rules of relocating is to not bring everything with you. Yes, it’s impossible, but some people are too attached to their stuff. Don’t be like that. As early as possible, you should start sorting items asap for a smooth home relocation. Consider donating old items that are no longer needed, selling off stuff on Craigslist or eBay, or putting these things into storage for a later date.

Buy Packing Materials and Moving Supplies In Advance

Prepping last minute is the worst thing one can do during a move. It can be difficult to find the time and energy when you already have many other tasks on your plate. So, if there’s anything that needs buying for the move- like packing materials or moving supplies- buy them in advance. You can also save up by using old fabric and newspapers instead of buying bubble wraps. Moreover, you can ask for free boxes from the office or your neighbors. If you have to buy them, get a discount by purchasing in bulk from your local grocery store.

Finish Appointments

Whether it’s health or work-related, it’s essential to keep your appointments settled before moving away. Your new employer might need time to set up new paperwork and schedules for you, so make sure you’ve got everything covered and ready. To add, work on your children’s school documents, your change of address, and take a trip to the vet for your pet if necessary.

Secure Important Documents (& Pictures)

To avoid any problems with lost documents, it is best to scan and save all necessary files on a flash drive. You’ll also want to back this data from your discs too! It would be wise as well, if possible, to take digital pictures of sentimental photos. You never know what might happen down the road. There’s a chance that important stuff might get wet, crumpled, or destroyed, so it’s best to preserve them beforehand.

Prepare Your Utilities

Contact your utility providers beforehand and let them know about your moving date to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This way, they won’t cut off service or charge you an early termination fee if they have proactively contacted their customers who are leaving the area. It’ll also help time the transfer so you don’t activate utilities too soon.

Pack a Moving Kit

To help settle down easier at your new home, pack a moving kit. This will include all the items and tools that will come in handy before you can completely arrange everything. This should consist of essentials such as:

  • bathroom products
  • kitchen utensils
  • medications
  • and any other thing you might need.

Final Advice

The best advice you can ever get is to enjoy the process. This might sound ironic or even hilarious, considering the amount of effort needed for this operation. However, if you maintain a positive attitude, you can always take on any challenges that come your way. This move will be over before you know it. Take your time!

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Craving for a change in scenery? If you’re on the hunt for adventure, then the state of Michigan is waiting to show you everything it has to offer. The state is blessed with excellent qualities, from crystal-clear lakes, lush forests, and breathtaking landscapes. While it’s a wonderful place to live during the summer, Michigan truly shines in the winter when snow covers the ground in white beauty! Before calling it your home, here’s everything you need to know about the Water Winter Wonderland.

Michigan is Famous for Its Winters

Just when you thought the cold months couldn’t get any better, snow can be a blessing or a curse here in Michigan! The state is known for its solid winter weather that can either be harsh sometimes. With almost 200 days of sunshine yearly, brace yourself for possible blizzards sweeping through. If you’re new to living there in the winter, make sure to pack up enough gear and supplies to battle the cold. On the bright side, the region usually receives a foot to two feet of snowfall during the winter season, making it ideal for skiing and other winter activities.

You Can Enjoy the Beach in Michigan!

Although situated near the heart of the U.S, one of the most surprising things about Michigan is that you can actually spend your summer on beaches. It’s all thanks to the presence of the Great Lakes like Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, or Lake Huron. These vast bodies of water offer more than 3,000 miles of freshwater shoreline, and that’s the longest in the nation! Enjoy bathing in the sun, kayaking, swimming in freshwater, or curling your toes in the sand. Overall, you won’t be isolated from the aquatic attractions when living here. What more can you ask for?

Michigan is Cheap

In a world plagued by inflation, Michigan remains one of the country’s most affordable regions. Compared to most of the U.S, Michigan offers a breather in living costs. For starters, the median home value in the state is only $151,400 in contrast to the national average of $231,200. However, housing prices in Detroit are on the rise, thanks to the city’s rapid growth. As of recent, the average rent sits at around $1,123 for a 1-room apartment. Fortunately, other expenses, such as healthcare, utilities, groceries, and education, won’t break your bank.

It’s an Agg State

Michigan covers almost 100,000 square miles of land. Its size is being put to good use, with nearly 650,000 acres of land cultivated for agriculture. In fact, the state ranks eighth in the nation when it comes to agricultural land. Michigan farmers happily grow over 250 different crops, including corn, soybeans, berries, and wheat. You’ll find all sorts of livestock here, such as cattle, sheep, and pigs grazing freely on the fields. That being said, one can only imagine the amount of fresh produce at farmers’ markets — something you should be looking forward to!

Michiganders Love Sports

Michiganders love their sports. You have the Detroit Pistons that has nailed three championships in the NBA. The state’s football team, the Detroit Lions, have raked four NFL championships. There’s also the Detroit Tigers which is America’s oldest baseball team. With all these athletic achievements, it not a surprise to find many avid supporters of different leagues.

Michigan State University also hosts one of America’s most successful college basketball programs, with ten NCAA tournament bids since 1999. And did you know? Basketball Hall of Fame member Steve Smith first made his name at MSU! He’s just one of the many champions that hail from the state. Whether you’re a casual fan or a dedicated enthusiast, Michigan’s sports scene won’t disappoint you.

The University of Michigan is Top Notch

Did you know that the University of Michigan is one of the top public research universities in North America? With over 44,000 students and 13 colleges within its walls, UM has a strong reputation for academic excellence. It offers many undergraduate and graduate degree programs across its three campuses: Ann Arbor, Flint (UM-Flint), and Dearborn. The institution even boasts cutting-edge research facilities to educate students on complex fields like robotics and biomedical engineering.

Ready to Move?

With all the amazing things you can discover in the state, it’s not a surprise that people want to move to Michigan. If you’re one of those who wish to make the leap, make sure you hire a reputable Michigan moving company to facilitate your move. Doing so helps you transition faster, avoid issues, and even reduce the cost of your relocation.

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