How to Transport A Snowmobile

How to Transport A Snowmobile

Revving your Skidoo gently, you blast off for one more run.

As you approach the end of the route, you feel ecstatic — the adrenaline, the air, the rush, and everything about riding your snowmobile provides a limitless sense of freedom. It never gets old, and you love it.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Say goodbye to days of icy delight as the end of winter quickly draws near. The thinning snow and longer days are proof of that. It’s about time to pack up your snowmobile and transport it to storage for next season. But how?

If you’re clueless about how to transport the thing, this guide will be your salvation.

The DIY Method

If you own a pickup truck, this is the most practical way to move your snowmobile. It saves you some money provided that you’re willing to put some effort into the job.

Loading Your Snowmobile into the Truck

Lifting the snow vehicle into the truck might cross your mind, but that’s dangerous if not impossible.

Do you know how much a snowmobile weighs? More or less 500 lbs. The maximum weight an average person can lift is 55 lbs. So unless you have the luxury of having 8 friends to help you, manually raising the machine should be crossed off your list.

Since a snowmobile doesn’t have wheels, you will need a specialized ramp. Although expensive, a ramp is a good investment, especially when you plan to transport your vehicle in the future.

To help with your choice, a suitable ramp must:

  • Be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the snowmobile.
  • Grip the ground nice and steady.
  • Be made from materials that don’t easily crack in the cold.

Consider purchasing a ramp extension if you have spare cash. Using an extension makes the process safer for your snowmobile.

But if you’re tight on budget, there are different ways to load the cargo into your truck correctly. Remember to be extra careful when performing these DIY techniques. They’re far from fail-safe and increase the chances of damage and scratches.

Keeping your Snowmobile Safe During Transit

Once you have your snow machine loaded on the truck, secure its position with straps and belts. Here are some additional safety tips to follow:

  • Make sure to use a ramp with the same track pattern as your snowmobile.
  • Avoid using chains because they can cause dents and scratches. Tie-down with rope instead.
  • Never load the vehicle backwards into the truck. Always face-first.
  • Drive safe and watch out for bumps in the road.

That’s about it for transporting a snowmobile by yourself. Now, what if you don’t want to undergo this hassle?

Make sure you secure the snowmobile with straps so it doesn’t move during tansport.

Hiring a Snowmobile Transport Company

This is the easiest, safest, and stress-free method to transport your snowmobile.

You don’t have to do a thing!

Just watch as movers load and deliver your vehicle to its destination. No? You don’t want to spend that much? Stop thinking about the fees and think about your snowmobile (as well as your back).

On the contrary, employing the help of professionals actually saves you more money. How?


First of all, a snowmobile transport company uses equipment that’ll cost you more if you buy it yourself, such as:

  • Specialized ramps
  • Trailers
  • Belts and straps.
  • Moving trucks specialized for hauling snowmobiles.

Fast & Efficient

In addition to that, transport service companies work fast and efficiently. Their experience with the job assures you that your snowmobile is transported safely. Loading the cargo into the truck doesn’t take long, and you don’t have to do it yourself — this saves you time and energy and protects you from injuries.

Look for a reputable company with a lot of good customer reviews. If they made their previous customers happy, then they can make you happy.

What are you waiting for? Request a quote and book your transport now.

Consider your budget, your willingness to put effort, and the safety of your snowmobile when weighing your transport options.


Whether you DIY or hire a company, the decision is up to you. Consider your budget, your willingness to put in the effort, and the safety of your snowmobile. Wishing you a quick and seamless move!

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